Il est 10h du soir. 2039. C’est le grand jour soir. Le soir de l’ouverture du premier cinéma à sens multiples de l’hémisphère sud. Et il est inauguré ici, à Durban. À Musgrave, pour être précis. J’ai acheté mes tickets il y a déjà 3 mois, et je suis vraiment excité d’être un des premier […]

Trail-ware limitation

A topic I feel strongly about is trial-ware limitation. The most used solution these day is time limitation, and I hate it. On the MacSB mailing list: Hi all, I’ve got a client who really wants me to work up an expiring trial-ware system for one of their apps. However, I have to say that I’m always really wary […]

The key to becoming a rich mac-dev

Update: Please keep two things in mind while reading this article: 1. It’s focused on marketing. I did not mention that you obviously need a good product to market with. 2. It’s meant to be humorous. I do not own a Ferrari, Lamborghini or any other kind of sports car. The key to becoming a good […]