There has been quite a bit of activity going on with iLaugh lately: Chuck Norris reads iLaugh! Just freshly released merely minutes ago are two brand-new awesome sources, Chuck Norris Facts, both in english and french versions. Comedy Central back up The source has been down for a while, but everything is back to normal since a few days. […]

South Africa Post-Mortem

More than a year ago, I posted an article entitled Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Live In South Africa. I received a lot of heat for it, but it is my opinion and I am entitled to my own opinion, just like everybody else. However, today a reader posted the following comment: You mainly get 2 […]

Trip to America

So I spent four weeks in New York and San Francisco. This was quite an experience. I left South Africa, thankfully forever just before New Year, headed for New York. This is a trip that did not start on a good note: I showed up at the airport, all ready and looking forward to it, only to […]