I’ve recently won a prize of a thousand free business cards in a contest, which gave me the perfect excuse to stop procrastinating and start designing pretty business cards. Below are a few images of these beauties. To match these nifty-looking business cards, I today designed and launched a new personal “hub” site to overcome the […]

Bookmarking 2.0

As an art enthusiast, I’ve always been seeking to improve my art & design skills. I even got myself a Wacom Graphire tablet, which has unfortunately been used more as an expensive mouse pad than an actual input device. It is well known among the art community that the best way to improve is practice, practice […]

Wallpaper Releases

Curl Wallpaper

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New Site

I am not dead. I haven’t posed here in more than a month, because a month and a half ago I suddenly found myself without a computer. The local power utility company, Eskom, burnt my motherboard down. I have already posted about how much Eskom sucks in the past, so I will not elaborate on that. So […]