Today was quite a busy day for me. Today I officially finished High School. Like, you know, forever. Well, that is, assuming I passed my exams flawlessly, which I won’t find out until next year. But considering how much of a genius I am, how could I not do just amazingly well? So I went to […]

Report: Apartheid and South Africa Today

I’ve written about this before. But this year, for history class, I had to make a full report on a topic relating to local history. I chose to use the opportunity to research further and to elaborate on my points in my previous article. So, without further ado, the report, in all of its 6-page 2000+ […]

I [do not] love my school [anymore]

Sorry, have to take this video down… School now wants to sue me for this, and I nearly got expelled (I did lose my scholarship and I am on my only final warning)… I guess it just doesn’t like having a bad name… Wondering whether it’s worth it really getting them a bad name by sending […]

Anime Rant

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Le cinéma du futur.

Il est 10h du soir. 2039. C’est le grand jour soir. Le soir de l’ouverture du premier cinéma à sens multiples de l’hémisphère sud. Et il est inauguré ici, à Durban. À Musgrave, pour être précis. J’ai acheté mes tickets il y a déjà 3 mois, et je suis vraiment excité d’être un des premier […]